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Testimonials from my clients...

Image by Karsten Würth

Ed Cunha

So Energy, UK

I'd like to highly thank Tom for his genuine companionship in listening to my current ongoing issues and giving me support and perspectives on how to heal from what I'm going through.

I look forward in giving the perspectives we explored together a go, and see improvements on my mindset leading to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Thanks a million Tom, you're the best :)

Image by Bryan Turner

David Brown

International Olympics Committee, Switzerland

I recently had the opportunity to spend a weekend with Tom in the outdoors. It was a wonderful weekend that helped me on my journey to really understanding what is important to me and how to think about my own priorities.


Before the weekend I felt like I was in a wheelspin of asking myself a never-ending series of questions about topics such as what is important to me in the workplace, am I effectively managing my time with my family / friends and more broadly where would I like to be in the short, medium and long term.

Tom structured the weekend really well which involved some visualization techniques, unpacking my strengths and how to better understand the different parts of me. This was supported by the freedom to really think while in nature. Switching the phone off and really taking the time to reflect was very impactful for me and the surroundings really helped.

Group therapy

Dr Lee Kingma

Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator

Tom is an wise and generative facilitator. His ability to explain complexity with simplicity was both graceful and wise. He combines the elements of nature, journalling, meditation  and group sharing in an alchemy of learning and the opportunity to return to self and spirit. I can highly recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to reaffirm or find life purpose and renewal of their spiritual path.

Image by Merakist

David Holder

VP Marketing, Contino, EMEA

I've been working with Tom for almost two years. His sessions are an open space to talk about anything and have helped me through numerous personal growth opportunities and life milestones. Tom is considered, providing various points of view as well as encouraging me to try different techniques to face new challenges / opportunities with open arms. He has explored different frameworks to inspire me and give me a direction to own and accelerate my development. I have grown thanks to the sessions and actively recommend Tom's sessions throughout my organisation and wider.

Computer Programming

Thomas Penrose

Head of developer support engineering, Unity, UK

"I was lucky enough to have Tom as my coach for a series of development sessions and It was a fantastic experience. Tom took time to understand where I was at with my career and what I wanted to develop, helping me explore my professional and personal self to achieve that. Over the course of the sessions, I've really felt that I was making progress, with a mix of 'real world' examples and hypothetical scenarios.


If you are looking for a calm, insightful mentor who is fantastic at analogies and painting a picture to help you understand, I would thoroughly recommend reaching out to Tom"


Karolina Frydrych

Life Coach, Business Intelligence Analyst, Digital nomad, Global

"Today I feel like a ball of energy exploded in my chest. It stirred up the internal sea and there is nothing I can do to contain it - just sit in the intensity of it and feel it all.

All because of a coaching session I received yesterday.

My coach didn’t do anything special, we talked for one hour. Just a conversation. But he opened the portal of possibility just enough for me to touch my dreams.

And I got electrocuted.

And now I’m in love, with the vision that I called into existence during that conversation by answering just a few questions, following the gentle guidance.

When dreams find you they sometimes take away the sleep. It doesn’t happen often but there is no place of being more alive than dream insomnia. The feeling that maybe the best is yet to come.
Finding the right coach for you is not easy but when you do… oh boy, prepare for a ride.

It was a reminder for me that the job of a life coach is sacred."

Taking notes and reading

Aoife Hutton

Climate Resilience Manager, Scotland

“Tom was a fantastic coach. From our initial online meeting, Tom worked with me to understand and realise my goals, identify barriers and gain clarity on the things that were important to me.

Our work around personality types helped me to better understand my strengths, as well as to recognise patterns in my thinking and the opportunity to approach challenges from a fresh angle.

I particularly valued our discussions around decision-making and taking steps to work towards long-term goals. Over the course of our time together, I reached several milestone goals in my career and personal life. Thanks Tom for your support and guidance.” 

Notepad with pen

Daniel Hendrickx

Founder and marketing expert, Belgium

“I came to Tom when I have moved to Chamonix for some months. Although life was good to me in every term, I felt there was something lacking, a sense of purpose, an feeling of anxiety and question of why I wasn’t feeling great even though I didn’t have a reason to complaint. I remember the first thing we did in the first session. I was explaining myself and although I don’t remember what I said - at some point a more difficult question came along and I tried to answer that the best way possible and Tom stopped me. Trying to find better words he stopped me again and asked a simple question: “What just happened there”. It took me some time to think about it but I took a deep breath and felt heavy in the chest. I think it was such a strong feeling to the extent realising that there is a big gap between the stories I have created in my head and tell myself over and over and the way thing actually make me feel. to this day I still take moments and look at my breathing or try to realise how my body behaves and feels. That switch is quite tremendous and it still has a big effect to this day! I think for me it is great to have worked with Tom because he has pushed me back onto my journey of discovery and adventure for the self. ” 

Writing on Tablet

Kelvin Soley

Communications and Consultation Team Leader, County Council, UK

“Coaching with Tom was my first experience of professional coaching. As a team manager I was aiming to bridge the gap between middle-management and stepping into a corporate leadership team role. The biggest learning curve was discussing and understanding my own strengths and development areas, including self-confidence and body-presence. Coaching has directly helped me become a better manager, and provide the tools and confidence to operate at a more senior level within my organisation and externally. I would recommend professional coaching with Tom to anyone looking to become a better manager/leader in their organisation or those wishing to progress to a senior role in their career”.

Image by Aaron Burden

Keito Nogami

Business Development, Germany

What I love the most about coaching is to critically self reflect and to constantly work on improving myself.  Tom helped me to strengthen the ability to connect with my deeper inside and create more awareness on my thoughts and feelings. I am truly happy about what I accomplished through my coaching journey with Tom! 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Michael Orr

Engineer, UK

Tom has a unique skill of being able to very delicately hold up a mirror. He guided me through what I was looking at, but at all times put me in charge of the process. At the same time he gently challenged me to keep exploring and discovering. My coaching with Tom allowed me to see for the first time clarity over what my short, medium and long term wants and needs were in my career. This pulled me out of the drift I had been in for a while.

Image by Nick Morrison

Julian Ghionoiu

Tech Leader and Entrepreneur, UK / Romania

I felt the need for coaching because I was stuck in my own thoughts. I was trying to understand a particular moment when I lost control over myself, a moment of intense emotion. Coaching helped me get more clarity on my thoughts and emotions. Frankly, I was kind of going around in circles with my thinking. Using his coaching experience, Tom sped up this process by asking me all the tough questions, the questions I might have avoided to ask. Although self-reflection works, doing it with a coach is much more efficient. I now feel more aware to myself.

Document with Pen

Rebecca Dent

Business Owner, France

I approached Tom to work with him because I was tired of feeling stuck in the same thought processes / patterns of behaviour that I knew were holding me back from living my best life. I invested in myself to work with Tom and I haven’t looked back. Tom has helped me identify where and why I’ve been feeling stuck and helped me identify thought processes and patterns of behaviour that hold me back. Not only this, Tom has dug deeper using a variety of tools and techniques to help me understand better who I am. Tom provides a safe and calm space for me to talk honestly and openly, express how I am feeling and empowers me to take action towards my goals between sessions. Tom is transformative, with his help I have experienced real positive change that I didn’t think was possible.

Fountain Pen


Psychotherapist, Pakistan

As a psychotherapist, I was a little hesitant on learning that Tom was a coach, as I had wanted EFT sessions to work on some deeper issues and I was unsure whether someone with a coaching background would be the best fit. From the very first session I was put at ease because of his truly comforting presence. Tom is remarkably genuine, empathic; he deeply listens and has a strong understanding of his work. Because of those qualities I felt comfortable to access shame and early childhood wounding and move towards healing. Even though I went specifically for EFT I would recommend him in any capacity, their is something quite spiritual about his presence that makes him suitable for any healing work.

Writing by the Water

Noushka Mulgrew

Business Owner, Massage Therapist, France

To say I was surprised by the results of my session with Tom is an understatement. Some of the areas we explored I hadn’t ever really seriously considered but I do feel I have been able to effectively bring the insights into my daily life. (What more can you ask for?) I feel I’m able to deal with things that come up day to day more easily and with a different perspective. I found Tom reassuringly experienced and incredibly perceptive.  I felt very safe with him even whilst going through some very strong emotions. Always professional but with a warmth and gentle humour to the sessions which was much appreciated. Highly recommend.


Paul Jefferies

Business Coach and Consultant, UK

Tom was our program facilitator & tutor on our 8 week Mindfulness for Life course. Tom is a fantastic teacher and I feel very honoured to have been taught by him. His presences and ability to hold space in a nurturing way is great, he builds trust quickly and is able to get to meaningful learning quickly. Tom delivers a tremendous course and I have no hesitation in recommending Tom and will be certainly working with him again.

Image by Green Chameleon

Annie Acevedo

Life and Leadership Coach, Colombia / UK

Besides Tom´s wealth of knowledge and experience, a result of his commitment to developing as a professional and as a human being, I believe one of the reasons that makes Tom a fantastic coach is his sincere motivation to create a positive impact in people’s lives which is expressed in his superb ability to be present and hold a mirror in challenging and yet very compassionate ways.


Coaching with Tom has been a great experience. He brings transformation by listening to what is said and not said, using his intuition (and tons of other tools) he helps to tap into the truth of the issue and work with WHAT IS so to give birth to awareness and with that the possibility of making intentional decisions from a place of resonance. Tom’s generosity, creativity and his passion for this work are inspirational and I highly recommend him as a partner on the journey of self-discovery.

Image by Vlad Hilitanu

Helen Craven

Motivational and Business Coach, UK

Tom is a very unique and special individual who has sat intuitively with us throughout this course with compassion and understanding. This has enabled open conversation and a progressive plan that whilst pre-determined, has felt organic and natural. It has allowed us to grow at our own pace and in our own way and draw on his clear wealth of expertise. I highly recommend Tom for coaching and mindfulness experiences.

Image by Headway

Tom Gold

Life and Corporate Coach, UK

When I contacted Tom I was frozen to the spot. I needed to take the plunge and start making the calls that would push my business forward but I was terrified of picking up the phone. What if they said no? What if they hung up on me mid sentence? What if they laughed? Almost as worrying was what if they said ‘Tell me more.’


I had become lost in a welter of sales scripts, googling appropriate companies and watching youtube videos on selling and closing. Tom simplified all this by suggesting we focus on the one thing I hadn’t factored in at all - the ability to trust myself. It was a tremendous relief to discover that the underlying problem was something we could fix and that compared to some of the experiences I’d had, the act of calling someone, even someone I didn’t know was nothing to be afraid of. Tom also provided accountability on this process moving forward which felt like pressure at times but it kept a fire lit under me!

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Shankar Vshankar

Yoga Instructor and Marketing Consultant, France

Tom’s insightful but easy-going style seems to bring underlying obstacles to the surface quite naturally. At the same time it allows space for the more difficult work of engaging with our resistance and, if appropriate, delving into oneself to find the roots of that resistance. His support is more comprehensive and constructive than observing personal goals, and more practical than simply providing an ear or a mirror. Rather than being tied to a system or formula, Tom deploys the plentiful tools and techniques he has at his disposal as and when they are appropriate.

Image by Patrick Fore

Andrew Beal

Support Worker, UK

I very much enjoyed my coaching sessions with Tom - most of them on the phone or skype and one of them in person when we just happened to be in the same town. Tom has a calm, thoughtful, sometimes irreverent style, and is able to draw on a host of techniques and tools. I felt that the answers I was looking for very much came from within myself and Tom was just the guide I needed to locate them. I highly recommend working with Tom.

Image by Brad Neathery

Ben Stephens

Company Director, UK

My coaching experience with Tom has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am, what motivates me, where I take satisfaction and what those goals really are. We worked together on a management leadership plan and Tom helped me to achieve these goals.

Image by Hannah Olinger

Natasha Yanovych

Coach and Mindfulness Teacher, Switzerland

Tom is a great coach, considerate and mindful. He has a gentle but firm style of communication. He uses mindfulness to complement to coaching techniques and that ensures holistic approach to finding solutions as well as learning to Be with whatever is. I am highly recommending Tom as a coach to everyone who wants to live a fulfilling life!

Image by Art Lasovsky

Andy Black

Financial Expert, UK

I very much enjoyed and highly recommend Tom's very collaborative coaching style. He is very insightful, asks great probing questions, is able to draw on an array of tools, references and examples, but also gave me plenty of space and support to explore angles, draw out conclusions and work things out. After our four sessions I felt that it had been very effective, in a far broader sense that just for the original issue that I'd initially contacted him about.

Image by Scott Graham

Steve Burke

Travel Consultant and fitness instructor, UK

Tom is a skilled listener, knows when to let you talk and when to challenge you on something you’ve said, and how to help you find your own answers. I found he embodied the qualities I was looking for in a coach – intelligence, empathy, and a good sense of humour amongst other things. As the sessions went on I was also impressed by his memory for things I had said in long rambles during previous sessions. Furthermore his overall air of balance and decency builds trust very quickly, I’d recommend him to anyone seeking some help with a sticky point in their life. Thank you Tom!

Image by Patrick Fore

Jason Balecke

Musician and Entrepreneur, UK

During my coaching sessions with Tom over the past two years the changes I have seen are quite incredible to me. The most striking part of this is my change of perspective. I realise now that the way I saw things were limiting me. I only saw things ONE way. During many of my sessions we spoke about using many perspectives and took a step back to look at the bigger picture and how my mind worked. This is something that is hard to do when you are living it. Just this one simple tool has enabled me to look at my life as a whole from many different perspectives and make the changes that I wanted. When I look back at myself before and after coaching I cannot believe how far I have come. It wasn't easy. Sometimes it was a little uncomfortable. Other times I had to push myself a lot. One thing that I am sure of is that it was much easier with coaching and I now use these tools and ideas everyday to be the person I want to be.

Image by Luca Laurence

Conor Murphy

Head of B2B Management, Ireland

"Prior to working with Tom I felt that I had lost my sense of direction, allowing work to dictate my time, whilst neglecting other key areas of my life. I started working with Tom during a period in my career where there were multiple changes and challenges within my working environment. Tom’s coaching was a fundamental driver in enabling me to refocus my perspective, both at a macro and micro level. Rather than being caught in a current, I was able to regain control and shape key areas of my life, both from a professional and also a personal standpoint.

Tom’s coaching has been incredibly powerful. The sessions not only helped me improve my communication and stakeholder management skills, but also enabled me to expand my perspective towards a multitude of scenarios. Tom has an innate ability to identify the internal obstacles that you hold in front of yourself and supports you through the process in fully understanding, challenging and overcoming these barriers. I would absolutely recommend Tom's coaching without hesitation."

Image by RetroSupply


Engineer, UK

After working with Tom for a few months I've noticed a significant change to my perspective on life. He creates a fantastic space where one can be open, honest and flourish in their lives. I didn't know what to expect from coaching but I'm extremely happy with the way Tom helps me to continually challenge myself and bring about significant change in my life. I highly recommend Tom's coaching.

Image by Tyler Nix

Rachael Nicholls-Lee

Business Owner, UK

As a start-up business owner, I am generally very stressed and have a lot on my mind. Tom’s coaching helps me find methods to focus on each task in hand rather than becoming overwhelmed with it all. At the end of each session I feel lighter, energised and more confident in my ability to constructively deal with the challenges in my work environment, to create opportunities for work, to build and rejuvenate connections with other people and to move forward in other aspects of my life as well. All in all I’ve gone from an open-minded sceptic to a total convert.

Image by Ana Tavares

Carla Morelli

Company Director, Washington, USA

Tom is the quintessential coach and advisor. He approaches every encounter with an open mind, a thoughtful, empathetic approach, a commitment to do what makes sense - and humor. No ego or agenda to contend with, just a smart, perceptive man who leads without fuss and gets to the heart of whatever topic is being discussed. We worked together on several delicate change projects that significantly altered the way our company did business. Tom brought difficult issues out into the open, stimulating valuable discussion by questioning both the meaning of the change and the methods we were contemplating. His genuineness and desire to arrive at good answers - not necessarily *his* answers - allowed our teams to achieve true clarity and reach better-quality decisions. He'd be among my first picks if I were fielding a high-caliber team.

Image by Adolfo Félix


Technical and Sales Consultant, Spain

Working with Tom has been really easy! His business approach is excellent.He always understands what the customers want and delivers real value to them. He's capable of managing teams under a lot of pressure and get the results in time. It's been a pleasure working with him.

Image by Lauren Mancke

Alja Pak

Health and Wellbeing Expert, Slovenia / New Zealand

Without doubt Tom is a creative and passionate coach. We have never met in person as we use Skype/phone for coaching. His approachable, focused and friendly nature makes for the perfect coaching environment and instantly instills confidence. He reminded me of my core values, my strengths and much needed courage. If sometimes struggles make it difficult to breathe, he 'hears it' and instantly works with me to present appropriate steps. He supports me, but he also challenges me. I absolutely love working with Tom and can't wait for our next call. Thank you for your commitment and continued assistance Tom.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Jean-Pierre Pugliese

Solution Consultant, Spain

Human behaviour fascinates me, especially the way people connect with each other through nonverbal communication. Gestures, body posture, and facial expressions are extremely important in every interaction. Before we speak a single word, others have determined how credible, confident and trustworthy we are. By integrating knowledge of neurology and (evolutionary) psychology I help people to fine tune their nonverbal signals and interpret those of others accurately, which has a proven positive effect on their Emotional Intelligence. 

Image by Kelli Tungay

Naomi Havercroft

Nurse and Outdoor Instructor, UK

I spent a few months being coached by Tom during a difficult time in my life. His approach was great, he was very understanding, conscientious and a good listener. He helped me to look at my life differently, to focus my energy on little tasks, taking one step at a time, rather than trying to do every thing at once. This gave me some order in my life. I would definitely recommend Tom's coaching to anyone.

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