A little bit of my background

My life has taken many twists and turns over the years, but I've always sought to understand myself and the world around me more deeply. I've often looked for adventure and learning in whatever form it has been available. This has involved travelling and living in different countries, formal education and alternative approaches.

​​I have had my fair share of success throughout my life, but I have also faced my own struggles and difficult emotional times. Like many others, I have experienced anxiety, insecurity and a lack of self belief.

I have a great deal of drive, and slowing down has been something I've had to learn to do. I have always been heavily involved in sports and physical activity, from team sports, to mainstream individual sports, to adventure sports. A combination of friends, family and community, my time in nature, my sports and my mindfulness have brought me peace, happiness and success in my career and my broader life.

My education and training
  • Masters of Engineering

  • Masters of Psychology

  • Certified Life Coach (CTI, CPCC)

  • Team Development & Coaching

  • PGDip Behaviour Change and Wellbeing

  • Integrative9 Enneagram personality (acr.)

  • Group Facilitation

  • NLP Practitioner (cert.)

  • Trauma awareness

  • Level 3: Forest School Leader

  • Level 3: Eco-Psychology Practitioner

  • Mindfulness teacher and facilitator

  • Sound Therapy Practitioner

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom) Level 2

  • Mountain Leader

  • Mindfulness based therapy (ACT)

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Why choose me as your coach?

I understand that you have a great deal of choice in who you choose as your coach. I'd like to help you understand who I am as a coach, to hopefully make your choice somewhat easier. If you have any questions, please just get in touch.


My purpose is to connect myself and others to their deepest level of self-honesty. A self-honesty that continuously seeks to find the deepest truth that is available to ourselves. This is about connecting to what’s real for you rather than relying on the internal and cultural narratives that have been shaping your life up until now. I coach to wake people up to life, to the whole of life, and to help them to access authenticity, happiness and success in their lives.

I am a certified life coach (CPCC), have a Masters degree in Psychology, and a PGDip in behaviour change and well-being. I was trained and certified by the Coach Training Institute (CTI), one of the most established and well respected coach training schools in the world. My training also includes NLP, communication skills, leadership development, positive psychology, team coaching, mindfulness and nature connection.

About my coaching

Some coaches focuses on 'doing', goals and what next. My coaching focuses primarily on who you are, you're way of 'being' and how you show up in the world. By addressing this aspect of 'being', your ability to find what you want to do, and to love doing it is greatly enhanced. By connecting with your values. who you really are and how you think, you can figure out deeply important aspects of your life.

Once you start to work with yourself at a greater depth, and begin to shift some of your perspectives, it can start to get challenging. As an experienced coach, I will support my clients to handle whatever difficulties they face on their journey. Being the best version of yourself, or living your dream, often comes with some hard work and a willingness to face your challenges. I have experienced climbing the corporate ladder, moving through huge life changes, making substantial career changes and learning to live my dream life.

Like most coaches, I offer a free initial 30 minute chat for us to get to know each other, discuss your objectives for coaching, and for you to find out more about about my coaching. I aim to be as flexible as possible and to fit my coaching around your needs where possible. I coach mainly by phone and skype, but I also offer face to face, walk & talk and nature based coaching where feasible.

Before I became a coach

After gaining a masters degree in Engineering, and spending 15 years developing my career in telecoms, sales and leadership, I progressed through to senior management and oversaw large scale change through merger and acquisition and a move to an Agile business structure. My varied roles in start-up and medium sized companies help me understand the needs of organisations, teams and individuals.

I was progressing well through my career, successful by most measures, and enjoying my work. However, work was taking me away from home too much of the time. I also didn't feel that I was able to be who I really was while at work. In fact, I didn't even know who I really was, I just had a sense that there was more to me and that I was adapting to suit the role rather than meeting myself and fully accepting and embracing myself both at work and in broader life. Although I didn't know what I was going to do instead, I realised that my next step was to dramatically change my direction and to find out who I am deeper down. So I left my career and started a deeper journey of connection with myself through meditation, nature and coaching.

Mindfulness and meditation

I have been meditating regularly for the past eight years, after experiencing the power of a meditation retreat in the French Pyrenees. I go on retreat each year, sometimes for several weeks, in order to deepen my own understanding and practice. I have learnt from a number of meditation and mindfulness teachers and organisations around the world. This enables me to draw on multiple techniques and lineages to help guide you in a style that works for you and yet still captures the essential essence of the teachings. Mindfulness and meditation have had a huge impact in my life. They have helped me to become much more grounded and comfortable in my own skin. They helped enormously as I was becoming more and more senior in my previous career, and as a result taking on and handling much more responsibility, difficult situations and stressful environments. Mindfulness and meditation has also helped me to connect much more deeply with life itself and my self of joy of being alive and a part of the complex world around me. I provide introductions to mindfulness, mindfulness workshops, and eight week mindfulness for life courses. I also build mindfulness activities into my coaching where they help my clients access their goals.

Connection to nature

I regularly spend time in nature, through sports, hiking, wild camping and deep nature connection practices. I have learnt from native american traditions, and teachers from other indigenous cultures. I have also trained as an eco-psychology practitioner with The Natural Academy I am a qualified Mountain Leader. Spending time in nature, and having the intention to become more connected to the web of life has opened my mind up to the joy of being alive. I find peace in nature, a sense of stability and also an appreciation for the complexity and paradoxes inherent in being human. Through specific approaches to being in nature, I have found a much deeper sense of belonging in the world. I have found that coaching outdoors can bring a powerful extra dimension for personal growth. If you're interested, let me know.

"You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you. And thinking that way empowers you to work really hard for a really long period of time."

        - Marissa Mayer

All discussions and coaching are confidential and we operate in a space with no judgement, based on trust and commitment to you and to your life.

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