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  • Tom Goldstein

An Outstanding Mindset: It Really Does Create Results!


I strongly believe that mindset is a fundamental concept, and that our mindset has the power to shape our lives, relationships, and careers. When I talk about mindset, what I really mean is the way our conscious and unconscious thinking influences how we perceive and react in the world.

There are many ways to approach mindset, and in this article, I take a slightly different approach. Research has shown that there are three levels of mindset. understanding these levels and bringing awareness to them provides us with a guide to navigate the complexities of life and reach our goals skilfully.

Let's delve into the three distinct levels of mindset and explore how they can illuminate and impact your personal and professional journey.

Meta Mindset: The North Star of Your Life

The first level of mindset is the broadest view. It serves as our personal "North Star," offering us clarity and direction in our life journey. Think of it as your internal dashboard, pointing you in the direction of your compelling vision and purpose. This level of mindset gives us the clarity to set longer-term goals and define the roles we wish to take on.

In a way, our North Star informs how we want to show up in all our life, work and relationships. I guides us and allows our path to become a little clearer. Everything can begin to move around our North Star once we feel aligned and clear on it.

The cornerstone of the Meta Mindset is finding what gives us joy and flow in life. It might be a style of working, a cause that genuinely excites us, a particular activity, the type of people we want to spend time with. The profound spark that we find in this way can set the trajectory for our who life, both personally and professionally.

As a metaphor, in the realm of filmmaking, the script sets the stage for a blockbuster. Your Meta Mindset is akin to this script, providing you with a narrative arc for your life's journey. Studies in psychology highlight that, just as no film can succeed without a strong script, individuals with a well-defined sense of purpose and meaning have higher chances of achieving enduring success.

Practical Tip: Set aside some time to explore what genuinely interests and motivates you. Ask yourself, what ignites your passion? What situation or activity would you jump out of bed for in the morning? Once you have clarity, you can choose three Meta Goals and set a roadmap to achieve them.

Macro Mindset: The Path Towards Your North Star

While the Meta Mindset provides the vision, the Macro Mindset focuses on reaching those long-term goals. Sometimes referred to as your 'Starlight,' this level is about establishing focus, strategy and resilience to move towards your Meta Goals These goals help you sift through the multitude of possibilities and prioritise effectively.

This mindset level also encompasses the crucial quality of self-care. To maintain focus and energy, it’s vital to be internally grounded and resourceful. Establishing daily routines for recharging and balancing can be incredibly beneficial.

Imagine an orchestra where each musician is a virtuoso, but without a conductor, the performance could descend into chaos. Your Macro Mindset serves as that conductor's baton, orchestrating your various life roles and long-term objectives into a harmonious symphony. This way the intended outcome of a beautiful concert can be achieved.

Balancing life's complexities with a focus on intended outcomes and long-term goals is what distinguishes successful individuals.

Practical Tip: Identify activities and practices that help you recharge—be it spending time with loved ones, exercising, or meditating. Make these a part of your daily routine. How can you organise your life to support your long term goals?

Micro Mindset: The Spotlight on Your Daily Priorities

The third and most operational level of mindset is the Micro Mindset. It serves as a spotlight that illuminates your daily priorities. This level involves focusing on what you're passionate about and your purpose, acting as if you're your own self-motivator.

There are two keys to mastering this level:

  • The first key is making a daily commitment to your objectives and keeping your 'eyes on the prize,' so to speak. Even a brief daily reminder can serve as a potent motivator to keep pushing forward.

  • The second key is to remember that you can only take action in this moment. This means that while the prize is the motivation, how you think, act and respond is what you need to focus on each and every day. Another way to put this is that you showing up to your daily process is the only way to get to where you want to be.

Elite athletes epitomise the Micro Mindset through their day-to-day commitment to training, skill enhancement, and focused execution. Similarly, having a Micro Mindset means you make daily decisions aligned with your bigger goals. The principle of 'deliberate practice,' backed by research, suggests that concentrated, goal-oriented daily tasks significantly contribute to mastery.

Russ Harris (The Happiness Trap) talks about the choice point in every moment. Will you choose action and thoughts that support your long term goals, or will you choose comfort in the moment instead.

Practical Tip: At the beginning of each day, list down three things you want to achieve today and why it matters to you. These might be very simple, and include ways of thinking as well as tasks to complete. This practice can help you maintain your focus and, as a bonus, offer a sense of accomplishment as you tick off tasks.


The transformative power of mindset is undeniable. By understanding and implementing the three levels of mindset—Meta, Macro, and Micro—you equip yourself with the tools to face life’s complexities head-on, and to build a much more fulfilling experience of life. Starting with a clear vision, maintaining awareness of your long-term goals, and operating on a day-to-day level with dedication can significantly influence your trajectory in both life and work. To delve deeper, consider checking out: Dilts R., Feher, M., The Power of Mindset Change (2023) – Why Mindset Matters Most, MindsetMaps Inc.

Call to Action

As you've seen, mindset plays a pivotal role in achieving success, be it in a professional setting or on the sports field. Now it's your turn to take some time today to assess your mindset levels and pave the way for a fulfilling journey ahead. I invite you to Identify one area in each mindset level that you'd like to improve and act today. Please get in touch if you'd like support on your journey.


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