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Your life
Build self-awareness and re-connect to your direction, values & life

I work with clients from many backgrounds, from many parts of the world and with many different reasons for coaching. I bring a tailored experience to my coaching, combining the best aspects and tools from many different styles and methods. I work with my clients to define their own version of success, build resilience and self awareness, and then to show up authentically in success, happiness and wellbeing. I've put in the work to make deep changes for myself, my life and my work. Do you feel drawn do the same?

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“Tom has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am... We worked together on a management leadership plan and Tom helped me to create success.”

Ben - Company Director UK

Are you naturally self-motivated and ready to wake up? Are you craving a more fulfilling, successful and meaningful experience in your life and work? Do you think or feel that you are not fulfilling your full potential? Coaching is not about me giving you advice, it is your chance to wake up to your own potential for success, happiness and wellbeing. Please reach out to me and we can discuss your current situation and where you would like to go.

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Fulfilment & balance

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& blind spots

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  • Experience more happiness and satisfaction in your life, work, relationships, sports etc.

  • Find more motivation, drive and success

  • Make more effective decisions on your next steps and long term direction

  • Manage challenging thoughts and emotions in high pressure environments

  • Create more balance in your life

  • Develop your sense of identity, values, goals and direction

  • Build your own self-confidence

  • Create, grow and develop highly effective, trusting teams that achieve their objectives 

  • Reach your next level and get closer to your full potential

  • Develop more authenticity and deal with conflict more effectively

  • Take on new challenges that will stretch you beyond anywhere you've been so far

  • Lead yourself and others with more trust, courage, authenticity, accountability and results

  • Develop more effective communication skills and strategies

"Tom is a leader turned coach who helps individuals, teams and organisations create meaningful change and impact for themselves and others. He supports his clients to develop more self-awareness and to be more effective in their roles. Through his coaching, his clients learn to balance their priorities, handle pressure and thrive in complexity. This helps them to bring greater positive influence, success, happiness and meaning into their lives and organisations."