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"The great thing about life - the most magnificent thing about being these sentient human beings - is that we have been given the power of choice." 
                                                    - Bryant McGill            

A set of beads that read "I Feel like makin' dreams come true"

Life and Career
Personal Coaching

Build awareness, intention and choice. Re-connect to your direction and success. Or simply get unstuck. 

A mixture of professionals looking at information together in an office environment

Leadership and Team Professional Coaching

Unlock growth and support your career, business, organisation, leadership and teams.

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Retreats, Workshops
and Experiences

Powerful experiences that are also fun! A chance for you to get away from the everyday, recharge, and grow.

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I support people, like you, to make real shifts. I help you discover your potential, to overcome your obstacles, to identify and achieve your goals. This process will empower you to reach your full potential!

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Tom Goldstein smiling in a formal shirt

Tom Goldstein - Certified Coach

Tom is a certified personal and professional coach (PCC) and has been coaching for the past 7 years. Before becoming a coach, he spent 15 years in working in telecoms, in start-ups and multi-nationals. He excelled in multiple roles: from engineering, customer support and technical sales; to management and senior leadership. He brings what he considers to be the best aspects of many different tools, styles and methods to his coaching. He works with clients from many backgrounds, with many different reasons for coming to coaching; from private individuals, to teams, to founders and CEOs.

As a coach, he creates partnerships with his clients on their journeys of discovery and growth. By working collaboratively in this way, he finds his clients experience the most supportive and powerful coaching experience possible, based on their needs and goals. He asks that his clients show up openly and honestly, and see every moment as a chance to develop.

Tom loves an adventure and being out in nature. As well as coaching, he works as a hiking guide, and enjoys mountain biking and sleeping out under the stars in his spare time. He also has a meditation, QiGong, and nature connection practice which helps him to stay balanced, centred, and joyful in his life and work!

"After working with Tom for a few months I’ve noticed a significant change to my perspective on life. He creates a fantastic space where one can be open, honest and flourish in their lives.”

- Jason - Musician

“Tom’s approach was great, he was very understanding, conscientious and a good listener. He helped me to look at my life differently, to focus my energy on little tasks, taking one step at a time, rather than trying to do everything at once.”

- Naomi - Nurse, wife & mother

“Tom has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am... We worked together on a management leadership plan and Tom helped me to create success.”

- Ben - Company Director, husband & father

Are you based in Chamonix, or looking for life coaching, career coaching or professional coaching in Chamonix?

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