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Build awareness, intention and choice. Re-connect to your direction and let go of what no longer serves you. 

Through coaching, we can work together on your goals and values, as well as your thinking process and the way you make meaning of your world. This includes supporting you to develop your self-belief and motivation to achieve whatever it is that you feel is missing right now in your life. It may be related to success, happiness, connections, impact, balance or anything else that is important to you. As your coach, I will balance support and challenge to assist you in creating the changes you seek and the life you want.

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Unlock growth and support your business by developing your impact and skills as an adaptable leader.

I believe leadership is a complex mixture of skills and awareness. This plays out both in the leader's inner world and in their external world. Too many models of leadership try to pigeon hole leaders into one category or another. In our every more complex and challenging world, it is time to embrace this complexity and develop leadership that can operate at higher levels of consciousness and challenge. In practical terms, this looks like more adaptability in leadership style depending on the context of each moment.

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Powerful experiences that will support your development, wellbeing and alignment with purpose.

Coaching and experiences that bring together aspects of nature connection, adventure, mindfulness, coaching, leadership and personal or team development. These are a chance to explore your own goals, development, success and challenges with the support and space of nature. Take a break from your everyday to experience the richness of nature and adventure in terms of building self-awareness, finding inner confidence, inspiration, exploring perspectives and letting go of stress.

Tom Goldstein

Hello, my name is Tom Goldstein. I work with clients from many backgrounds, with many different reasons for coming to coaching. I bring a tailored experience to my coaching, combining the best aspects and tools from many different styles and methods. Through coaching, I partner with my clients on their journeys of discovery and growth. By working together, we develop the most valuable and powerful coaching experience based on their needs. My aim is to show up fully in support of my clients' journeys, to continually adapt to their needs, and to be the best coach that I can be. I ask my clients to show up openly and honestly, and see every moment as a chance to develop.


I am a certified life and leadership coach (CPCC), therapist, facilitator and mountain leader. I have a master’s degree in psychology, and a PGDip in systemic behaviour change and well-being. In 2015 I was trained and certified by the Coach Training Institute (CTI), one of the most established and well-respected coach training schools in the world. I come from 15 years of start-up and corporate background and have been exploring a path of nature connection and meditation since 2011.

I support clients in the three main areas of: life coaching; leadership development; and deeper experiential offerings. With over 1200 hours of coaching experience, and nearly the same amount of training over 7 years, I have dedicated my life path to supporting the growth of individuals and organisations.

"After working with Tom for a few months I’ve noticed a significant change to my perspective on life. He creates a fantastic space where one can be open, honest and flourish in their lives.”

- Jason - Musician

“Tom’s approach was great, he was very understanding, conscientious and a good listener. He helped me to look at my life differently, to focus my energy on little tasks, taking one step at a time, rather than trying to do everything at once.”

- Naomi - Nurse, wife & mother

“Tom has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am... We worked together on a management leadership plan and Tom helped me to create success.”

- Ben - Company Director, husband & father

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