What is coaching?

Through coaching you can address many areas of self development, including: discovering and following your purpose and passions; setting and achieving new goals; finding new momentum; creating change in your life; handling challenging life situations; becoming more present; developing your leadership; improving the effectiveness of your team; living more in the moment; increasing your confidence; relaunching your life or business. Coaching is a chance to focus on you, your life and your goals. Coaching is about empowering you to create a better life for yourself and to achieve your success, in a way that works for you.

My clients' lives and goals are the most important things in my coaching. If you are serious about working hard to make changes in your life, learning deeply from the experience, risking being truly honest, and challenging yourself, then you will be able to make a meaningful difference to what matters most to you.

Your life isn't a rehearsal, it's the real deal. Luck, good or bad, may play a role, but let it mean you miss out on your potential. Coaching is about unlocking your potential, discovering your deep motivations, exploring new perspectives, overcoming whatever holds you back. Coaching is about having the deepest, most fulfilling, most wonderful experience of life possible.

Coaching is not about your coach providing you with advice. Coaching is about helping you to discover your own values, your own truth and to find your own answers within you. Your coach is here to challenge, witness and support you. Coaching allows you find a closer alignment between who you really are, how you perceive yourself and who you want to be.

I am certified in the Integrative9 personality profiling tool, which offers unparalleled depth of insight into, behaviour, motivation and self-limiting beliefs, creating the potential for accelerated, integrative and sustainable development in individuals, teams or organisations. It creates self-awareness and uncovers the patterns of behaviour that sub-consciously drive and motivate us to act in certain ways. Working with the profiles empowers individuals and teams to take responsibility for their behaviours and growth, from a place of greater understanding.

From time to time we all find ourselves a little stuck in life. Whether you feel stuck at work or in your personal life, this experience may be affecting your confidence and self-esteem. You may find you're loving life less than you want to. Through coaching, you can reconnect with your values, reframe, gain the skills you need, and start taking action. It's time to get yourself back on track, back to loving life, and living in a way that feels right.

Through a combination of approaches such as mindfulness, somatic exploration, EFT, etc. you will discover and / or develop your ability to understand your experience through your body. The mind-body link has been shown to be key in understanding trauma, behaviour, emotions and even our thinking. The body is such a powerful ally to our mental wellbeing, and yet it has been largely forgotten in modern society. I will help you to make use of this powerful source of wisdom.

Fulfilment comes from focusing on what you want from your work, job, career, business, and how that fits in with your life, your interests, your skills and your passions. While life coaching focuses on the whole of your life, or specific aspects that you choose, here we will focus mainly on your work life, but in the context of your wider life. I will help you to align your job and career with who you really are and what you really want from your life. 

Coaching is about raising your awareness and achieving specific goals, it is also about improving your experience of life and overall wellbeing. Ultimately you are the one who can best define what you want from your life, and we will work together to refine that definition and to move you toward your ideal life.  If any one aspect is causing you difficulty, it can affect the rest. At the same time, having strength in multiple areas helps to support the others. 

Why work with a coach?

Coaching often leads to a journey of self discovery and personal growth. We will work with different perspectives, values and present moment awareness to help you move towards your version of success. You will gain the opportunity to make meaningful change, embrace your strengths, let go of unhelpful thinking and live a happier, more fulfilling life. I help you to work out who you want to be in the world. From that emerges a clear sense of what you can do to achieve that, and be authentically happy. I will help you develop your own sense of meaning and purpose, create your own goals and find your own ways to move towards them.

"Burnout is about resentment. Preventing it is about knowing yourself well enough to know what it is you're giving up that makes you resentful." 

        - Marissa Mayer

All discussions and coaching are confidential and we operate in a space with no judgement, based on trust and commitment to you and to your life.

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