Team growth; better teams; team coaching

Develop highly integrated, high trust, top performing teams

Team Development

I believe that we, as humans, maximise our impact when we are able to interact effectively with those around us. Great teams are surprisingly rare and the ones that exist are difficult to replicate. Part of the reason is that there are so many factors affecting team performance. These include the individuals and relationships within the team, the place of the team in the organisation, team leadership, environmental dynamics etc. High performance teams should not be left to chance.

  • Do  your teams consistently deliver at or above target?

  • Are your teams sufficiently agile and resilient to adapt to shifting priorities and circumstances?

  • Is trust high within your teams and between your teams?

  • Can your teams handle internal and external conflict without avoidance or over-reaction?

  • Are you teams able to effectively operate within increasingly complex systems?

  • Are you teams the kind of teams that others look to and admire as the way to do things?

Team coaching is a great way to develop existing teams or create new teams that perform to the best of their potential. There are many different models for team coaching, and all of them are more effectively implemented by having an effective and skilled team coach. Since teams rarely operate in a vacuum, it is important to help teams develop within themselves and also as part of the wider organisation and in relation to multiple external stakeholders. 

What you can get from team coaching

  • Work with key beliefs and behaviours within your team in a safe, supportive environment

  • Develop deep levels of trust within the team

  • Improve effective communication inside the team and with external stakeholders

  • Create an environment where conflict can be effectively dealt with between the team members

  • Form a clear and compelling direction for the team

  • Grow team member engagement and commitment to the team and the team direction

  • Develop norms of conduct that enable team success rather than impeding it

  • Foster internal and external resources and support to deliver on agreed objectives

  • Level up the ability of the whole team to handle increasing complexity and systems thinking

  • Improve team boundaries, interdependence and stability of the team

  • Increase how enjoyable it is to be part of the team while also growing success

  • Incubate a culture of ongoing learning and improvement within the team and its members

I have worked in both high and low performance teams for much of the past 20 years. I understand what makes the difference. I have studied team and systems coaching as well as behaviour change and group facilitation and hold a Certificate in Team Coaching. My approach to team coaching is to use a combination of coaching skills, mentoring, and the latest tools and theories. I believe that it is not enough to work with individuals, whether they are team members or leaders. It is vital to work with the team as a whole, and their place in the wider organisation, to enable their full potential for success.