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The Door, by Adrienne Rich

Either you will go through this door, or you will not go through.


If you go through, there is always the risk of remembering your name. 


Things look at you doubly and you must look back and let them happen.


If you do not go through, it is possible to live worthily, to maintain your attitudes, to hold your position, to die bravely.


But much will blind you, much will evade you, at what cost who knows?


The door itself makes no promises.

It is only a door.

Questing in nature

Questing in nature

Image by Joshua Sortino

Deep within your soul lies a fire that directs your passion and purpose. Often this flame lies quiet like the ancient whispers of smoldering embers; sometimes directed by those internal voices, not belonging to you, that came from another time and place. You reach out to your brothers and sisters and echo these words: "WHO AM I?"

Nature based questing is designed to help you develop positive transformation and wellbeing in your life, work and community. Authentic Nature programs are designed to develop awareness, intention, choice, relationship and action.


We have all been shaped by the elements around us, which means we show up with certain limitations and conditions based on our past. I believe it is vital to step up and face the uncertain reality we all have ahead of us. To do this, we must be aware of how important it is to operate from a deep sense of authenticity. This means having enough awareness to make choices in support of our own needs, but also the needs of others, the needs of systems we are part of and the needs of the world around us.

There are a number of tools, protocols and maps that we use to facilitate nature based questing. The simplicity of the approach actually supports individuals and groups to go deeply into their own exploration and to work with their own transformation and insight. One such model is based on the medicine wheel, used for centuries by indigenous cultures. This helps us to understand where we are stuck, where we are most effective, and what steps we can take to bring about our objectives. Another example is working with the four elements is an example of one way to experience and reflect on how nature functions as a system, and how we are part of this ever regenerating system. 

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