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Perform to your full potential, achieve more in training and competition

Elite Performance Coaching

Elite performance is primarily aimed at sports people and athletes who want to set their own bar higher. It is all about performing as close as possible to your maximum potential, especially under pressure. Elite performance coaching will help you to move closer to achieving your vision of success. It will help you to operate at the top of your game.


Carefully crafted processes will help you to fine tune aspects of motivation, confidence, emotional control, positive thinking, handling pressure, training, reflection, communication, internal and external awareness and more.

We are all somewhat unique in our needs, high performance coaching is based on many different approaches to help you get the edge that you deserve.

  • Using the latest research to approach performance through cognitive behaviours plus mindfulness and acceptance ways of working. 

  • Addressing cognitive, emotional and behavioural factors in a fresh way that will help you get closer and closer to your full potential

  • Confidence, stress & pressure, motivation, toughness, goals, training, competition, success are all areas that we will focus on using a wide range of methods and tools tailored and tuned to you and your specific environment and needs 

Elite Performance Mindset for Athletes and Adventurers

Mental and emotional skills training can be just as important as physical training for success in sports and in life beyond sports. The aim of sports psychology is to address the mental and emotional needs of you as an athlete. This enhances your overall well-being and boosts your sports performance to the highest level possible. 

Everyone experiences stress, but many athletes in high pressure environments experience unique internal and external pressure to excel both on and off the playing field. I work with athletes and leaders to help them manage these stressors, improve their performance, as well as developing emotional and life balance. I use a combination of traditional cognitive behaviour methods plus the latest mindfulness and acceptance models to provide a more effective and sustainable approach to high performance coaching.

Today, mental and emotional skills training has become as much a part of success as strength, skills, power, and endurance training. However, very few coaches know how to measure holistic fitness or implement mental and emotional skills into their training plans. I’m here to help change that.

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