Build deeper self-awareness and re-connect to your direction, values & life

Life Transition

We will delve deeply into what is really important to you. We will work with your values, beliefs and habits (both conscious and blind-spots) to help you break free from the aspects of your personality that have been holding you back and wasting your energy.


Through coaching, we will work together on your goals and values to help you find new direction and purpose in your life. This includes supporting you to develop your self-belief and motivation to achieve whatever it is that you feel is missing right now in your life. It may be related to success, happiness, connections, impact, balance or anything else that is important to you. As your coach, I will balance support and challenge to assist you in creating the change you seek.

  • Highly practical and deep processes to help you identify where you are limiting yourself, and to move past these internal limits so that you can transform your life

  • A mixture of powerful cognitive, emotional and somatic approaches to bring you fresh perspective, let go of what no longer serves you and move forward with new skills and insight

  • A safe space to share and be heard without judgement

  • Practical and effective evidence based approaches

  • Tools that you can take away and use for yourself to accelerate your growth

Live with deeper purpose, direction and fulfilment

You will explore your life and work purpose using a combination of a well established and tailored process that has the freedom to unfold in whatever way works best for you. This allows us to co-create a coaching experience to your needs and objectives. At the same time, with structured support we are efficient with your time to support your transformation and growth. The coaching can to cover all aspects of your life, personal and professional. As you grow as a human being, becoming more self-aware and better resourced, everything else with become clearer and more achievable in your life and work.

The main areas we can explore over the sessions will be a mixture of:

  • Dreams, motivations and desired outcomes from coaching

  • Values and what is important to you

  • Structures and beliefs that are holding you back

  • Important elements of your current situation and relationships

  • Personality patterns and how to best approach your goals and challenges

  • Minimising the effect of past difficulty that may be affecting your current mindset

  • Difficult emotions, beliefs and thoughts

  • Your identity - strengths, blind-spots and potential

  • Mindfulness, presence and personal power

  • Personal and professional boundaries

  • Day to day energy and motivation

  • Specific action steps to achieve your dreams and objectives

Understanding Yourself Through Your Personality

Discover a powerful tool for self-awareness, understanding and growth! Understand yourself better to bring about personal growth, improved relationships and inner peace. Unlock your inner power and release your true potential.

Who am I? What is my potential and what is holding me back? Why do I seem to self-sabotage my own good intentions so often? How can I create the changes I dream of in myself and my life?

Around the world, right now, thousands of people are grappling with these questions. The modern world floods us with confusing and conflicting messages about who we should be, how we should behave and what is important. We are told that we need to keep growing, to become everything that we are capable of becoming, but often our journey takes two steps forward and one step back, and it’s difficult to know whether we’re doing the right thing.

Career Transition

I spent 15 years in a career, but it was never really a single career. I realised early on that, within reason, I could choose how I wanted to work and still be successful. I tried out different roles as an engineer, moved into customer support, into sales and then into leadership. I worked for tiny start-ups and massive international corporates. In 2015 I left that career behind completely, apart from a short stint of consulting, which just proved I really did want to do something very different. I went back to school, retrained and now love what I do, in a way I never did before.

I help my clients to grow their self-awareness and develop whatever aspects are needed to find the clarity, success and career that will be more deeply rewarding to them. We will use a combination of approaches in our work together to awaken, access and empower the parts of you that will fuel your growth. As scary as it may sound, it's time to stop playing small! It's time to make a splash and join all the other people who are living and working in a way that is deeply satisfying and rewarding. I bring creativity, powerful questions, self-reflection and many other approaches to my career coaching because everyone is different.

We will work on a tailored combination of the following and anything else that you need:

  • Get clear on your goals and ambitions

  • Assess your values, passions, strengths and skills

  • Identify where to focus based on your strengths

  • Build your self confidence

  • Develop and reach out to a support network of people to help build success more quickly

  • Build your self-awareness through assessments and feedback

  • Clarify your needs and ensure that they are served by your new career direction

  • Build strong motivation around your goals

  • Work on areas that are holding you back, such as interviewing, negotiating, communication

  • Develop your skills and strengths even more so that you shine more brightly than others

  • Create a strong sense of identity based on your authentic self

  • Hone your ability to tell impactful stories about yourself based on your authentic identity

  • Create a process for you to continue moving forwards, and to incorporate learning at each stage

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