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Senior leadership

Leadership development

Effective leaders need to be able to adapt to their reality while delivering extraordinary leadership. They need to stay connected to their own authenticity, while skilfully responding to the world around them. We develop value driven and authentic leaders who are capable of skilfully adapting and remaining effective, even in uncertainty and complexity.

Option 1: Comprehensive Senior Leadership Development

Create an organisation that people really want to show up in; that support your people to support the ambitions of the organisation - such as growth, stability and resilience. Focus on adapting how you lead (how you show up as a leader) as well as what you lead (what it is that you do as a leader).

+ Unlock your organisation's growth

+ Develop a culture that supports your people 

+ Understand how to develop further as a senior leader

+ Support and develop your teams

+ Align people and business values with reality

+ Get support from an objective and trusted 3rd party

+ Get clear on what your people need from you

+ Enable your people to support and develop your business

+ Develop more effective relationships


+ Engage in better conversations and enable more powerful dialog in your organisation

​This is a comprehensive and customised approach designed to support leaders and business owners develop their leadership skills, adaptability and style as needed by their organisation. It is an opportunity to evolve and transform your leadership. The key to this approach is for senior leaders and senior leadership teams to develop a skilful approach to how they show up based on the competing needs of the situation, the people, the business. Leaders and leadership teams will receive tailored 360 feedback from their organisation, as well as exploring tools and insights relating to their leadership.

The approach also offers the opportunity to explore the wellbeing of the organisation and the current culture. From this, actionable insight and support will be made available to help senior leadership understand what is needed from them to enable the whole organisation to feel supported and to deliver success.​

Adapt to lead process v3 charter

Select any of the tabs below (numbers relate to the stages in the process diagram above) to explore the stages in more detail. Click here to contact me to discuss any of this further.

Initial discussion and project alignment

This is the initial stage once we have agreed to work together and all the administrative contracting is complete. We will explore where your pain points are, how you view your culture at the moment, where your blind spots are, and what outcomes you believe you are seeking at this stage. These may change during the project as we discover, together, what the reality is within your organisation, for your people and for your senior leadership team. At this point we will also engage with the other members of your senior leadership team to understand their points of view and their needs. Stage 1 sets the ground and the scene to move forward confidently into this project. 

The approach leads to outcomes based on two types of goals:

task and developmental goals

Task oriented goals are the things that the leaders need to get done in order to support the people and business that they are leading. Developmental goals are about personal development of the leader so that they are able to show up in a different way in their role as leader.  

Leadership development

Option 2: Two Month Personal Growth for Leaders and Leadership

Develop your skills, awareness and tools that will directly support you in your role as a leader in your business. In our highly volatile worlds, there is no one perfect formula for being a good individual, leader or team. 

The question should therefore not be how we can develop “perfect” by ticking all the boxes, but how we can develop individuals, leaders and teams who are capable of adapting and staying resilient in the increasingly unstable and unpredictable world around them. 

Leadership development needs to ask how leaders can develop and connect to a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, while staying authentic to their own needs, capable despite the limitations on resources available to them, aware of the larger context as well as delivering on the tasks and outcomes required of them.

Participants in this programme will focus on experiential approaches to developing their capacity as leaders and integration practices to ensure their learning relates directly to the context of their current leadership roles.

This programme offers the above, and more, through a series of group and individual online session, an immersive residential retreat over a long weekend, and ongoing personal work.

2 month programme

This programme develops:

+ Relationship and communication skills

+ Adaptability based on competing needs


+ Strategic and systemic thinking


+ Resilience and personal resourcing


+ Awareness of self and situation

Leadeship coaching

Option 3: Standalone leadership & executive coaching

Leadership / executive coaching develops awareness and helps drive transformational change to support you as an individual, but also the success of your organisation. Coaching is a way for you to become more effective and trusted. Coaching can focus on your overall role as a leader, or specific areas such as team engagement, motivation, feedback, strategy, communication, inspiring your team, creating change, developing culture or other areas that are specific to yourself, your business or your teams. Key aspects of leadership development to focus on include: 

+ Evolving your own leadership style that is effective for you, your team and your organisation

+ Growing your self-awareness and self-confidence as a leader

+ Developing your personal vision, values and priorities for leadership and your time

+ Expanding your ability to operate and think strategically in complex environments

+ Determining appropriate goals and action plans for yourself and your team

+ Enhancing you day to day management and leadership skills

+ Exploring and improve your ability to communicate effectively in challenging situations

+ Uncovering and shift self-sabotaging habits, behaviours and beliefs that are holding you back

+ Improving your ability to remain effective under high pressure and with difficult people

+ Accountability in your objectives and development as a leader, not just in your job role

+ A deeper, practical, hands-on understanding of leadership and communication styles

+ Support for your personal wellbeing

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