Leadership growth; better leadership; team coaching

Leadership Growth

Develop your impact and effectiveness as a self-aware leader

I believe leadership is a complex mixture of skills and awareness, and that this plays out in the leader's inner world and in their external world. Too many models of leadership try to pigeon hole leaders into one category or another. In our every more complex and challenging world, it is time to embrace this complexity and develop leadership that can operate at higher levels of consciousness and challenge.

  • Does your organisation need you to step in to / up to leadership?

  • Do you want to become a more effective leader?

  • Are you clear what being a better leader means?

  • Do you know how to achieve this?

  • Do you want to get more from your teams?

  • Would it be helpful to have professional support on this journey?

Leadership coaching is a great way to become more effective, trusted and successful. Coaching can focus on your overall role as a leader, or specific areas such as team engagement, motivation, feedback, strategy, communication, inspiring your team, creating change, developing culture or other areas that are specific to yourself, your business or your team. Key aspects of leadership development to focus on include: 

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Time management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Executive presence

  • Strategic thinking

  • Personal resources to support wellbeing


I empower leaders to reach their full potential and support their organisations and teams in the most effective ways possible. I spent 5 years working in leadership, at local and global levels in start-ups and large corporate businesses. I have been coaching leaders ever since. I have trained in sustainable leadership and  specific methodologies to develop high performance leaders. I support leaders to understand their impact, develop their self-awareness and drive success and culture. I also work with leaders to find balance and look after their own wellbeing and that of their teams. Together we will develop your leadership in a style that suits you, your organisation and those who rely on you.

What you can get from leadership coaching 

  • Evolve your own leadership style that is effective for you, your team and your organisation

  • Grow your self-awareness and self-confidence as a leader

  • Develop your personal vision, values and priorities for leadership and your time

  • Expand your ability to operate and think strategically in complex environments

  • Determine appropriate goals and action plans for yourself and your team

  • Enhance you day to day management and leadership skills

  • Explore and improve your ability to communicate effectively in challenging situations

  • Uncover and shift self-sabotaging habits, behaviours and beliefs that are holding you back

  • Improve your chances of further development in your organisation

  • Improve your ability to remain effective under high pressure and with difficult people

  • Accountability in your objectives and development as a leader, not just in your job role

  • A deeper, practical, hands-on understanding of leadership and communication styles

  • Support your personal mental and emotional wellbeing

When is leadership coaching not for you?

  • When what you really need is a consultant rather than a coach to help fix your issues for you

  • When the cost of coaching can't be justified for what you're looking to achieve

  • When you don't feel you need to change or receive feedback

  • When you feel that coaching isn't necessary for you

  • When you're not committed to the process of leadership coaching