Nature based retreats:

I offer retreats that bring together aspects of nature connection, adventure, mindfulness, coaching, leadership development and personal development. These are a chance to explore your own goals, development, success and challenges with the support and space of nature. Take a break from your everyday to experience the richness of nature and adventure in terms of building self-awareness, finding inner confidence, inspiration, exploring perspectives and letting go of stress.

I have more information about personal, leadership and team development on my website 

Walking coaching / coaching outdoors:

There is more and more evidence that spending time outdoors is good for our health - mental, physical and emotional - and also a supportive environment for personal development. It offers us a chance to escape from our daily life, and to immerse ourselves in different perspectives more easily. Being in nature provides a rich source of metaphor and experiential learning that can be different to achieve in more human made / everyday environments. It is also  a nice experience to walk in the fresh air and connect with nature that has been where we have evolved as a species throughout most of the history of humanity.

Forest bathing / Mindfulness in the woods

This is a chance to experience peace, connection and wellbeing with the trees in Chamonix valley. Forest bathing is a form of mindfulness where we experience our selves and the nature of the forest through all our senses. Developed more than 40 years ago in Japan, this form of nature connection has been shown to be beneficial for the wellbeing of our mind and body. We will take a slow, gentle walk together through a beautiful natural area above Chamonix. Through a combination of experiences over 1.5 hrs, I will help you to discover nature in a deeper way. Your can sign up to a session here on: EventBrite.

Personality and shadow work

Discover a powerful tool for self-awareness, understanding and growth! Understand yourself better to bring about personal growth, improved relationships and inner peace. Unlock your inner power and release your true potential.

Who am I? What is my potential and what is holding me back? Why do I seem to self-sabotage my own good intentions so often? How can I create the changes I dream of in myself and my life? Around the world, right now, thousands of people are grappling with these questions. This process enables you to take a deeper dive with a powerful structure to navigate these deeper questions that will open you up to a more effective way of living and being in the world.

Mindfulness and meditation

Image by Lesly Juarez

I provide both introductions and deeper ongoing support for mindfulness. This draws on best practices from Western Mindfulness and Eastern meditation practices. My own 10 year meditation journey and training informs my teaching and guidance.

I offer eight week courses as well as informal introductions and ongoing mindfulness training. As a qualified sound therapist I also bring in other aspects of experience to help build present moment awareness, build resilience and let go of stress and worry.

Experiences with sound

Image by Manja Vitolic

Sound Healing  Journeys are unique and are a very easy way to go deep into a state of relaxation, effortlessly. Each journey will take you to a different destination in mind, body or beyond. The more you are open in mind and body to the experience, the deeper you will be able to let go and allow the sounds to heal on a deeper level.   This heart-based experience offers the participant a journey into the self. Sound Journeys are an effortless way to access deep states of relaxation. We all need more time to rest and relax in this fast-paced world we live in.

Each journey is different to its own. Usually, we all sound together to unify the group energy, and then participants lay down and relax. You only need to be open in heart and mind to receive the various healing sounds that will bathe your body and heal your soul. Various instruments are used including a gong, singing bowls and percussion. Your can sign up to a session here on: EventBrite.