Personal Coaching for Growth and Development

This form of coaching helps you delve deeply into what is really important to you. We will work with your values, beliefs and habits (both conscious and blind-spots) to help you break free from the aspects of your personality that have been holding you back and wasting your energy. We will work with your goals to help you find new direction in your life, and to build your self-belief and motivation to achieve whatever it is that you feel is missing right now in your life. This may be related to success, happiness, connections, impact, balance or anything else that you can identify.

  • Highly practical and deep processes to help you identify where you are limiting yourself, and to move past these internal limits so that you can transform your life

  • A combination of insightful and full methods to bring fresh perspective and experiences so that you can let go of things you may not even have been aware of

Understanding Yourself Through Your Personality

Discover a powerful tool for self-awareness, understanding and growth! Understand yourself better to bring about personal growth, improved relationships and inner peace. Unlock your inner power and release your true potential.

Who am I? What is my potential and what is holding me back? Why do I seem to self-sabotage my own good intentions so often? How can I create the changes I dream of in myself and my life?

Around the world, right now, thousands of 

people are grappling with these questions. The modern world floods us with confusing and conflicting messages about who we should be, how we should behave and what is important. We are told that we need to keep growing, to become everything that we are capable of becoming, but often our journey takes two steps forward and one step back, and it’s difficult to know whether we’re doing the right thing.

Discovering Your Inner Truth

The Innerview Method has been developed by Nic Askew. It is a way of being and an Art and Science of Witnessing. This is a way of eliciting authenticity, truth and intuitive intelligence. It’s a profound interview method. The approach uses an Interview + Surrender approach where the coach and the client allow the clients inner story and meaning to rise to the top and to be captured. It’s a powerful way of capturing conscious, authentic human stories. This approach is a unique opportunity to allow your truth to find you, and to be spoken through you.

An example of the Innerview work
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Live with a Deeper Sense of Purpose and Fulfilment

You will explore your life and work purpose through a structured process that has the freedom to unfold in whatever way works best for you. This allows us to co-create a coaching experience completely tailored to your needs and objectives. At the same time, the structure makes sure we are efficient with your time, and that we work together in the most powerful way possible. The program aims to cover all aspects of your life, personal and professional.

The main areas we will explore over the sessions will be a mixture of:

  • Dreams, motivations and desired outcomes from coaching

  • Values and what is important to you

  • Structures and beliefs that are holding you back

  • Important elements of your current situation and relationships

  • Personality patterns and how to best approach your goals and challenges

  • Minimising the effect of trauma that may be affecting your current mindset

  • Difficult emotions, beliefs and thoughts

  • Your identity - strengths, blind-spots and potential

  • Mindfulness, presence and personal power

  • Personal and professional boundaries

  • Day to day energy and motivation

  • Specific action steps to achieve your dreams and objectives

Mindfulness for Life

In-­depth introductions and support for mindfulness that draws on best practices from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and the Western mindfulness tradition as well as integrating elements developed by Thich Nhat Hanh, John P. Milton, Burgs, ACT, MAC and brief attentional awareness practices. My own 10 year meditation journey and training informs my teaching and guidance.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themself.”
        – Leo Tolstoy

All discussions and coaching are confidential and we operate in a space with no judgement, based on trust and commitment to you and to your life.

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