Personal and Team Coaching for High Performance

Meeting your own potential, enabling your teams to meet their potential - if this is something you aspire to then high performance coaching will help you to achieve your version of success. In highly demanding and challenging situations, whether in life, work or sports, we need to be able to operate at the top of our game. You can become the best you can be through carefully crafted processes to fine tuning aspects of motivation, confidence, emotional control, positive thinking, cognition under pressure, training, reflection, communication, body language and more.

  • Using the latest research to approach cognitive and emotional factors in a fresh way that will help you get closer and closer to your full potential

  • Confidence, stress & pressure, motivation, toughness, goals, training, competition, success are all areas that we will focus on using a wide range of methods and tools tailored and tuned to you and your specific environment and needs 

Performance Mindset for Sport and Physical Challenges

Mental and emotional skills training can be just as important as physical training for success in sports and in life beyond sports. The aim of sports psychology is to address the mental and emotional needs of you as an athlete. This enhances your overall well-being and boosts your sports performance to the highest level possible. 

Everyone experiences stress, but many athletes experience unique internal and external pressure to excel both on and off the playing field. I work with my athlete clients to help them manage these stressors, improve their sports performance, and develop emotional balance.

Today, mental and emotional skills training has become as much a part of athletic success as strength, power, and endurance training. However, very few sports coaches know how to measure mental fitness or implement mental skills into their training plans. I’m here to help change that.

Performance Mindset and Emotional Skills for Leadership

Understanding yourself and your team is the first step to effectively leading a group of people or an organisation. Once you learn what drives you and your team, and what is currently limiting your potential, you can start to be much more effective as a leader. This will allow you to set a much clearer path for your team to follow to achieve success. Coaching can focus on specific areas such as team engagement, motivation, feedback, strategy, communication, inspiring your team, creating change, developing culture or

other areas that are specific to yourself, your business or your team. Together we will develop your leadership in a style that suits you, your context and your team.

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

        – Abraham Maslow

All discussions and coaching are confidential and we operate in a space with no judgement, based on trust and commitment to you and to your life.

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