Why work with a coach?

Coaching often leads to a journey of self discovery and personal growth. We will work with different perspectives, values and present moment awareness to help you move towards your version of success. You will gain the opportunity to make meaningful change, embrace your strengths, let go of unhelpful thinking and live with more happiness, more fulfilment and more success.

What kind of coaching do I offer?

I offer life, leadership, team and career coaching. I bring a tailored experience to my coaching, combining the best aspects and tools from many different styles and methods. I work with my clients to help them grow themselves through deepening self-awareness. I combine cognitive, emotional and somatic approaches to give you the most powerful impact possible.

Who is coaching most effective for?

I have found that my clients get the most from coaching when there is already a strong motivation for change. This may be wanting to be different, wanting to achieve something new, wanting a new kind of success, wanting to grow in some way or looking to have more meaning and impact. You will be an ideal client if you are open to new ideas, willing to step out of your comfort zone and motivated to embark on the work that makes up the change process. What’s more, a good client allows the coach to be a partner in that process. My ideal clients reach out for as much help as possible - from me as their coach and from people in their personal or professional networks - in order to succeed. They will also be open and honest about what is working and what is not, and being motivated to actively explore that with me, as their coach. This is about your success, and through coaching you will become more expert in your own success.