Excel at being a better leader

Understanding yourself and your team is the first step to effectively leading a group of people or an organisation. Once you learn what drives you and your team, and what is currently limiting your potential, you can start to be much more effective as a leader. This will allow you to set a much clearer path for your team to follow to achieve success. Coaching can focus on specific areas such as team engagement, motivation, feedback, strategy, communication, inspiring your team, creating change, developing culture or other areas that are specific to yourself, your business or your team. Together we will develop your leadership in a style that suits you, your context and your team.

You're not just a leader!

Your role is about more than just being a leader for others, and you likely also have your own aspirations. Through coaching we can focus on both your leadership and what you want from your work, job, career and business. For your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your team, it is important that your work fits in with the rest of your life, your interests, your skills and your passions. I will help you to align your job and career with who you really are and what you really want from your life. Areas of focus may be some of the following:

- Beating procrastination

- Giving powerful feedback

- Feel and act like a leader

- Better work / life balance

- More effective interviewing

- How to manage more effectively, including goal setting

- How to live your values at work

- More powerful communication

- Career change or promotions

- Build your confidence and resilience

My approach focuses on your needs as a leader, manager as well as your personal aspirations in your career and wider life. This allows you to create more engagement, direction, opportunity, innovation, fulfilment and passion in your life and work.

Team and group coaching

I have trained at Oxford University in Team and Group coaching, and I am currently studying for my PGDip in Behaviour Change with the University of Derby. The combination of these approaches, along with my experience both leading and coaching, allows me to deliver a customised approach. This combination brings together the latest theories, behavioural observation and a strong use of coaching skills to develop highly integrated, effective and productive teams.

Team coaching combines group and individual coaching. Typically team coaching involves a number of stages, and starts with a phase of observation to notice and identify processes, behaviours and outcomes that are inherent and habitual in the team. The next stage typically involves identifying potential motivations for behaviours and the dynamics observed from the individuals and within the team interactions. Bringing the dynamics and behaviours into awareness is a key part of team coaching, and this may be done in the context of the whole team, sub teams or individuals, depending on the nature of the behaviours and the sensitivity of the situation. Finally, ongoing team coaching, skills development and individual coaching would normally continue. Team development plans evolve, either in a formal way or with an informal approach. These would typically include steps to develop shared goals and motivations, negotiations around behaviours and roles, agreement on ground rules and development objectives, acceptable ways to challenge behaviours within the team and ways to support each other to create a safe, secure and efficient working environment. My approach to team coaching is to use a combination of coaching skills, mentoring, and the latest behavioural theories.

Group coaching is aimed at working with groups to develop individuals within that group around a shared set of goals, objectives and outcomes. Examples are related to: career development; communication and public speaking skills; self-esteem; personality and self-awareness; stress; social anxiety; motivation; mindfulness; values; plus many other and combinations of any of these. The format can be one off workshops, an ongoing series of workshops or an immersive retreat setting. If you provide or facilitate retreats, one off workshops or regular sessions, to integrate coaching, mindfulness or development in nature into your offering.

All discussions and coaching are confidential and we operate in a space with no judgement, based on trust and commitment to you and to your life.

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